I want friendship with US but not slavery: Imran


Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has once again said that he was not anti-America and wanted friendship with Washington but doesn’t want its slavery.

Addressing a rally in Lahore on Saturday, he said that he was not against any country and Pakistani community is the most powerful in America.

Imran welcomed the crowd and praised its passion and fervour. He said he would give his roadmap of “real freedom” and the steps that needed to be taken for its achievement.

“I’m not ready to compromise on my people’s interests,” the former prime minister said, adding that he would never allow the nation to become a slave to anyone.

He said he would unite the nation and together it would pay off the country’s loans and

stand on its feet after bearing difficult times.

“I know my nation is ready for sacrifices. The struggle for real freedom will continue until we don’t send the imported government packing and have fair and free elections.”

“Today you have to listen to my address patiently. I will give you roadmap to achieve ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ [real freedom],” Imran told the crowd in his opening remarks.

Imran while explaining his strategy to achieve “real freedom” said fear was the most dangerous idol which enslaved human beings. “A slave nation can never prosper.”

“We got an independent country by giving millions of sacrifices… respect cannot be earned through wealth… those who fear death can never achieve anything big.”

Imran said since joining politics he had been speaking about turning Pakistan into an independent and sovereign country, maintaining that his narrative of “real freedom” was not aimed at wooing the voters.

Referring to PML-N leaders’ statements on economic crisis, Imran said the two families — Sharifs and Zardaris — are responsible for destroying the country’s economy. “They have been plundering for the last 30 years, made offshore assets worth billions of rupees and now they are asking who is responsible for this mess.”

“They [US] carried out drone strikes on Pakistan but Sharif and Zardari never raised their voice against this oppression,” he said.

Addressing the crowd, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi warned Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah of landing behind the bars and will be hanged.

The chief minister said that the provincial government will act within the law.

Pervaiz Elahi while giving another bad news to the Sharifs said that former prime minster and PTI chaimran Imran Khan has strong relation with the army.


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