Huawei collaborates with HEC for ICT competition


Staff Reporter


Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, has collaborated with HEC in launching its 4th ICT Competition in Pakistan. The occasion was chaired by Respected Executive Director Higher Education Commission, Fateh Muhammad Marri and Managing Director Huawei Technologies Pakistan, Mr. Gaoweijie. Huawei invites colleges and universities in Pakistan to participate in the ICT competition to promote the ICT industry technology certification, and develop the local ICT industry talent and ecosystem.
Dr. Fateh Muhammad Marri, Executive Director Higher Education Commission thanked Huawei for a long-term collaboration. He shared his valuable suggestions to promote the ICT Competition and Academy program and devise an active campaign in order to encourage more and more students to benefit from it. The competition is part of Huawei’s longstanding effort to have a positive impact on the community in the Pakistan. The ICT Competition offers students additional opportunities to gain valuable experience in the industry. Participants will work in a real laboratory, and tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges. The competition material is based on advanced IP and IT technology, and tests contestant on their knowledge of AI, 5G, cloud computing, switching, routing, and network security. It is a unique opportunity for students to test their abilities in ICT’s most cutting edge fields.
Mr. Naiz Ali Shahrukh, Huawei Director Public and Corporate, highlighted the essence of the competition. He emphasized that Huawei team will hold seminars and roadshows with the support of Huawei ICT Academies to create awareness about the competition among the students. Pakistan is home to unlimited potentials with its core being the youth. With HEC’s support together we will be able to tap youth’s ICT talent which will contribute in the development of Pakistan’s ICT industry.
The ICT Competition will help enhance the quality of future ICT professionals in Pakistan, along with increasing national ICT competitiveness, and supporting local students across the country. During the 3rd ICT competition in 2018, the number of participants in Pakistan at roadshows was 15,000+ while the successful online applicants in Pakistan reached 10,000. More than 30+ locations and 5000+ students attended the exam conducted on Huawei‘s e-learning platform. Roadshow and workshops were held at 53 universities and academic institutions across Pakistan, making it one of the largest events in Higher Education in Pakistan and also the largest in the overseas area of Huawei ICT Competition globally.