How is Australia’s town name Bacchus Marsh linked to Rod Marsh?

Bipin Dani

Dennis Lillee’s leading tributes at the funeral on Thursday had mention of Bacchus for his departed wicket-keeper friend Rod Marsh.

Interestingly, Bacchus Marsh is a town in Australia and there’s a story exclusively described by Australia’s award-winning journalist Peter Lalor on how the name Bacchus struck Marsh.

“Once the players were making a trip to Ballarat with the team to play in a charity match. The train stopped in Bacchus Marsh and the great Rod (Marsh) needed to go to the toilet as they were having a few drinks on the trip. Rod had to leave the train and go into the station toilets”.

“He reportedly got locked in the toilet and the train went without him. Stuck in the Town where he knew no one he made his way down to the local pub “The court House” where he spent some time with the locals and told stories about cricket.

A young man then offered him a lift to Ballarat in his new car. When arriving late to meet his team mates. He told his story and as he was stuck in Bacchus Marsh his teammates found it fitting to Nick Name home Bacchus Marsh”, Lalor described the incident.


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