Hope. . . antidote of all fears | By Syed Inshaallah Tahir


Hope. . . antidote of all fears

LIFE is full of struggle and hardships,tough phases and risks. We all are struggling in order to survive and the hardness of struggle is almost the same for everyone.

Surviving the hard times develops the courage to challenge the adversities in life.

These hardships give us the reason to resist and make us strong enough to fight and to conquer all the fears and battles of life.

We all are constantly unveiled to what William Shakespeare has described as the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

In this modern technological age, human life is following a pattern. We are guided and mastered by machines.

We are no longer human beings but like robots devoid of emotions, feelings, kindness, love and sympathy.

We are in an unending race, a race of earning money, fame and position. We have neglected ourselves, our families and our friends.

Talking about the world pandemic# covid-19 which has proved to be so disastrous and brutal has taken lakhs of lives so far and has victimised millions of people worldwide. It has changed all our life patterns, our routine, norms, laws and what not.

It seems that life has just taken a pause, pause from robotic lifestyle, pause from ignorance, a pause from the unending quench for material world and pause from being in the competition of becoming wealthy and powerful.

As we came to know that wealth and power can buy any material comfort beyond our imagination but can not buy happiness, health and life itself. Happiness belongs to the mind.

The ‘world under lockdown’ is an unexpected scene which nobody thought would have happened in this technological age, where knowledge explosion and scientific discoveries have amazed and puzzled human minds by unravelling many mysteries and by accomplishing such tasks which at instance had seemed to be impossible.

This tiny creature (Corona Virus) has changed everything. It has taken the whole world under its cloud. There is a scream of helplessness of people as it is proving to be so perilous.

The old testament says that God’s rain falls on the just and unjust. It is so eldritch and has spreaded the fear of death everywhere.

Scientists all over the world are straining every nerve to find the answer of this Covid-19 question, which is getting uncontrollable.

We do know that every question has a definite answer and this too will be answered but needs faith, patience and time. The world is set on hope. Hope is the antidote of all fears.

If we find the blessing in disguise, it has brought us back on the path of religion and has persuaded us to be closer to the Almighty God.

It has taught us the lessons of impartiality, equality and unbiasedness. It has called to our minds the reason for our existence and of being humans.

We should firmly hold the flambeau of our religious teachings so that we can cross this dark road and will be led to the brighter destiny.

We have to make bold and fight this pandemic the whole world has fallen prey to. Everything has an end. End of injustice is justice.

End of darkness is light. I pray for the healing of the broken health of the victims of Covid-19 patients and for the strength to bear the brunt of the disaster this pandemic has caused. Think positive and hold firmly good deeds. STAYING HOME is all that it needs…

—The writer is a research scholar, Department of Education, University of Kashmir.

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