Honda kicks off plantation drive

Staff Reporter

Honda Atlas Cars is at the forefront when it comes to taking initiatives that are built to create a lasting impression on the environment.

We are an environment-friendly brand and it is our dream to leave minimal footprint while making cars that are truly magnificent.

Our cars are built to reduce carbon emissions with the entire Honda line up coming equipped with state-of-the-art Euro-4 compliant i-VTEC engines.

On this 14th August, the company continued its tradition and played its role in the biggest way possible by planting more trees within the vicinity of its factory. Every year, the company commit itself to create a better and greener environment.

We celebrated this Independence Day profoundly by planting the seed for a greener tomorrow.

We believe it is not just today that we are looking at but it’s how we are shaping our tomorrow that is going to have a bigger impression on our environment and our future generation that has yet to arrive.

Honda, this 14th August joined hands with National Highway and Motorway Police, and a local high school and planted trees within their respective premises with the intention to play a key role in creating a greener and cleaner environment.

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