Hijab ban: Muslim student takes transfer certificate from Kerala school



A Muslim student in Providence Girls Higher Sec-ondary School in Indian state of Kerala’s Kozhikode district had to leave the school after the school au-thorities said she would not be allowed to wear hijab.

The 16-year-old girl who was issued a transfer certificate, joined Govt Model Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode.

At the time of admission, the student who sought admission at the school for Plus One course, was reportedly told by the school authorities that she could not wear a shawl or scarf, as it was not part of the school uniform.

The student told media that she won’t be able to study at any school without wearing a hijab.

Mustafa, the student’s father told reporters that they had repeatedly asked the school authorities if the student could cover her head, as part of her religious beliefs, but the school authorities said that they could not bend rules for her.

Muslim Organisations including the Students Is-lamic Organisation of India and the Muslim Youth League have sought action against the school au-thorities over what they called the denial of the rights of students to wear hijab on campus.

Though the student’s father’s complaint was submitted to the Education Minister, no action had been taken against the school authorities. Last month, Minister V. Sivankutty directed department Director K. Jeevan Babu to conduct an inquiry into the issue. —INP


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