Hejaz financial services partners with outsource financial


The Islam finance sector is experiencing an immense amount of growth, and Australian Halal loans providers are making big moves to keep up.

Hejaz Financial Services – which is currently in the process of establishing itself as Australia’s first digital Islamic bank has announced a partnership with outsource Financial in order to provide even more Muslims with Sharia loans and achieve the Australian dream of property ownership; Chief Operating Officer Muzzammil Dhedhy discusses the alliance.

According to Hejaz Financial Services’ Dhedhy, Halal finance has recently seen a surge in demand as consumers – both Muslim and otherwise – become more aware of ethical, Sharia-compliant financial services. A past lack of awareness of and access to these services has prevented consumers from taking advantage of Islamic finance, says Dhedhy. However, with Hejaz Financial Services’ recent partnership with outsource Financial, Australians will certainly find it much easier to access these finance products moving forward.

Outsource Financial will allow Hejaz to expand its network of 320 accredited brokers even further. This network will allow consumers not only to achieve their dreams of owning property or land in Australia, but also to reach other financial goals of all kinds. This is a mutually beneficial partnership, as outsource Financial now has the opportunity to diversify its suite of products and services to include Australians from all religions, belief systems and walks of life.

Of course, Dhedhy assures consumers that each service offered will remain completely Sharia approved; the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) carries out mandatory screenings to ensure Hejaz and other Islamic financial services providers are compliant with Sharia principles and regulations. — Globe Newswire


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