Heatwave to envelop Karachi for the next two days: PMD

Beautiful View Of Bahadurabad Chorangi, Karachi, Pakistan - Landmark Of Karachi Which Is Very Famouse For Night Life And Food - Long Exposure Photography

Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) has predicted a rise in the strength of heat in Karachi from Friday to Sunday.

The PMD’s Heatwave Centre has forecast a rise in heat intensity in Karachi, with the city’s weather expected to stay hot and dry today and for the next two days.

The temperature could exceed 40°C throughout the day, with hot and dry winds blowing from the northwest, according to the weather service.

In the evening, though, sea breezes are expected to return.

According to the Met Office, humidity in Karachi would be between 60% and 70% in the morning and 25% to 35% in the evening.

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