Health expert urges to use steamed vegetables


Health experts have stressed upon using raw and steamed vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber and salad etc during Ramazan. People should avoid fried food, sugar and juices and limit sugar intake from items such as cookies and cakes, said a health expert Dr Najia Mughul, while talking to APP here on Thursday.

She said fasters should not skip ‘Sehri’ with a view to reduce weight. They should rather wake up early in the morning to have their ‘Sehri’ for maintaining good health. People who do fast should avoid eating too much during Iftar as they tend to consume more than their bodies actually need.

In fact, many people end up inflicting more harm on their bodies in Ramadan than during other times of the year, he said and added that eating foods high in fat and sugar at wrong times affects the body.

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