First successful wrist transplant surgery carried out


A team of surgeons in Quetta on Thursday successfully carried out the first wrist transplant saving a young man from being crippled for life.

According to the report, Muhammad Zaman, a laborer working at stone crush mine in the Muslim Bagh area of Balochistan was brought to hospital with his right wrist crashed.

A team of surgeons comprising Surgeon Prof. Dr. Atiq-ur-Rehman, Orthopedic Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Khan Muhammad Babar, Surgeon, Dr. Shakeel Akbar and Surgeon Dr. Imran Nasir successfully transplanted the broken wrist of Muhammad Zaman’s right hand and reattached it.

It may be mentioned here that four hours had already passed since the wrist of the patient was bent and if the blood circulation in the muscles and arteries of human organs stopped for such a long time then the muscles of the flesh have very little chance of survival.

However, this is perhaps the first successful operation of its kind in the history of Balochistan, thanks to which a poor young man escaped the loss of his amputated wrist.


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