Hasty US troops withdrawal: What’s next for Afghanistan?


Media line is a New York based renowned news agency which has put certain questions to Senator Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum HI(M) which are appended below along with General Qayyum former chairman senate standing committee on Defence Production’s response.

Questions from medialine USA:-
After a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan what is going on from a security stand point in the region?

Senator Qayyum: US has not learnt any lessons from history. Their preference to invade Afghanistan over diplomatic initiatives was a blunder. They have paid a very heavy price in terms of human lives and financial resources.

Besides, they have killed many innocent Afghans as a colateral damage. Their recent wethdrawal, therefore, is not hasty In fact it is much delayed.

A quote referred to Winston Churchil says, “The United states can always be relied upon to do the right thing, having first exhausted all other options”
After US withdrawal regional security is expected to improve. American invasion actually created a turmoil.

Three million refugues came to Pakistan and about two million went to Iran. Pakistan lost 70000 human lives and about 150 billion US dollars economic and war losses.Infact Americans attacked Pakistani post of Salala and killed 25 Pakistani Soldiers.

They Used Pakistani air bases and attacked Pakistani areas through drones. They ingressed into Pakistan air space and claimed to have killed Osama.

They invaded Afghan Sovereignity and destroyed their culture and traditions. They allowed India use of Afghan soil for terrorist attacks by TTP into Pakistan. These attacks went as deep as Kamra and Mehran Air Bases and Pakistani GHQ.

Media Line:-
There is a grave concern of Unification and re emergence of terrorist groups like ISIS and TTP? What do you say?

Senator Qayyum:- Nothing is likely to happen if Afghan people are left on their own to settle their internal issues through Afghan owned and Afghan led process, and ISIS and TTP are not financed and trained by external intelligence agences like RAW, CIA and MOSAD for destabilisation of the region.

American government knows that TTP terrorist had their nests and training centres right under their nose and were being supported by Indian RAW tooth and nail.

Media Line:-
What would be the future role of US and Pakistan in this most strategic region of the world ?
Senator Qayyum:- Pakistan has historic ties with USA. However, on every critical moment, USa did not side with Pakistan even during its wars with India in 1965 and 1971 despite mutual Pacts.

US former secretary of State Hillary clinton said that America left Pakistan high and dry after Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and slammed sanctions. In the recent Past America mistreated its front line Ally Pakistan against war on terror. Despite using Pakistani facilites, US invaded our Sovereignty.

Pakistan is a pivotal Country in South West Asian region. Pakistan will always be ready to Cooperate with USA on conflict resolution.

US must intervene to ensure Kashmiris get their right of self determination, it must respect sovereign rights of all countries including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan as per UN charter,allow construction of Iran – Pakistan gas pipe line, resume strategic dialogues with Pakistan and help Pakistan in repatriation of Afghan refugees.

Besides US Pakistan should join hands with all regional countries, UN and International monetary institutions in rebuilding war torn Afghanistan.

Put pressure on India not to act as spoiler by dropping weapons in Afghanistan. USA may also switch over from transactional relations based on unilateralism to strategic long term ties with a pivotal country like Pakistan which is at a strategic cross junction of South Asia, Middle East, CAR and China.

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