Hamza himself does not want cabinet in Punjab: Moonis


Former Federal Minister and senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Moonis Elahi in his response to Hamza Shahbaz’s press conference said that Hamza Shahbaz himself does not want a cabinet in Punjab, he wants to keep all the power in his own hands.

He said that the imposition of arbitrary decisions on departments in the absence of cabinet and meetings from all departments is a proof of this. Another proof of this is that if he was really serious about the cabinet then if he himself had taken the oath from the Speaker National Assembly then he could also have his cabinet taken the oath by someone else.

Moonis Elahi further said that Hamza Shahbaz is such a fowl who wants to sit on all the eggs but this is Punjab not his poultry farm, we will not allow this one man show in Punjab.

Moonis Elahi further said that Hamza Shahbaz keeps waving his finger in the air but just waving his finger does not run the government.

He said that after the decision of the Supreme Court, Hamza Shahbaz could not sit on the chair of the Chief Minister for even a second; it is unjustified and illegal for him to remain as the Chief Minister.

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