Less dependence on fossil fuels better for economy



Less dependence of fossil fuels would be better for economy, as the use of costly fossil fuels in generating electricity is the main factor behind higher tariffs and resultant inflation, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman and Pakistan Quami Ittehad (PQI) vice chairman Altaf Shakoor here.

In order to reduce skyrocketing tariff of electricity in the country the government should focus on power generation from the nuclear source, which is the cheapest source, he said.

He said the cost of electricity generation from nuclear source is about Rs.1 per unit, while the cost from power generation from HSD is about Rs25 per unit and from RLNG Rs 17 per unit. He said all countries in the world are focusing on nuclear source of electricity generation because it is cost effective but in Pakistan the government has turned its blind eye to this sector to save the vested interests of oil import mafia. Resultantly, they are the hapless masses of Pakistan who are at the recieving end due to very high rates of electricity and resultant inflation.

He regretted that currently, Pakistan is producing 65 per cent of electricity from fossil fuels, 27 per cent from hydropower, five per cent from nuclear power, and just four per cent from renewable sources. He said the blind dependence on power generation from fossil fuels has affected negatively on the basket price of electricity. He said to reduce power tariff it is a must to generate more power from nuclear and hydropower sources and then from the coal source, using local coal that is now plentifully available in Thar.

He said the government should set up more nuclear power stations in the country and talks should be held with the friendly countries including China for technology transfer in the field of nuclear power plants. He said Pakistani scientists and engineers should be sent abroad for getting advanced training in this field. He said Pakistani universities should open new departments in the field of nuclear power generation for a better research and innovation. He said we cannot survive economically without embracing modern technologies.

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