Hacker group enters Punjab Land Record Authority’s data system



An unknown hackers’ group has recently made an attempt to data tamper with the Land Record Management Information System of the Punjab Land Record Authority.

This is revealed by a private news channel in its report on Wednesday and said revealed that the authority has enhanced the data security after detecting the hacking attempt. As per the channel report, the authority has decided to enhance the security features of the Land Record Management System.

For this purpose, the Additional Director General of the authority has written a letter to the Secretary of the Board of Revenue about the details of the hacking attempt and new security features of the system.

The Additional Director General informed the board that the hacker’s group created some accounts with fake CNIC numbers in some rural centres and land record centres to access data from the Land Records System. Anyhow, all official operators of the Land Record Centres and Rural Centres Maal (Revenue) have been directed to change their passwords and logins.

The letter further said that in the new security features, only official operators with fingerprint verification from NADRA will be able to access the data.

The letter further stated that complete data of the National Identity Card of Official Operators will be available in Land Record System and legal action will be taken against fake accounts.


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