Love hurts as 500 divorce cases filed in 10 days in Lahore courts


As many as 500 divorce cases had been filed in the civil family courts of Lahore during the last 10 days by the women, the majority of whom had earlier married the men of their choice, but now want to get rid of them, over rising domestic disputes due to unemployment of their husbands.

It has been learnt that the women, who, against the will of their parents, married the men of their choice, in the name of so-called love, have reportedly started leaving the houses of their husbands.

In their divorce petitions, the women stated that they had married as per their will, ignoring the advice of their parents, but they regretted later.

“The husband is unemployed.

He does not get a job. If I ask for household expenses, he resorts to violence. In-laws have kept me as a maid,” maintained most of the women in their divorce petitions.

The duty judges issued notices to the husbands to appear before the courts on September 1 after court vacations.


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