Gushing waters continue breaching Sindh canals


PM orders to save 500KV Dadu grid station

The occurrence of breaches in Sindh canals continues as the torrents of gushing waters showed no signs of abating on Sunday while Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif issued instructions to the authorities concerned to take measures to save the 500 KV grid station in Dadu.

As per the official sources, a 50-foot wide breach has occurred in Pir Shakh Canal in Dadu which poses a flooding threat to the city.

It is learnt that even after organising breaches in Manchhar Lake, the water pressure has not yet receded in the Sindh canals. A torrent of floodwater has entered Bhan Saeed Abad, and there is water everywhere in Sehwan too.

Meanwhile, diseases are spreading due to floods, and on the other hand, the staff including doctors of the Health Department are off duty.

The district health officer has sent a report to the Hyderabad director general health for an action against the absent doctors and other staff of various hospitals of the district.

According to the DHO’s report, as many as 60 employees including doctors and lower staff are absent from duty. He said in his report that despite the emergency situation in the district, the medical staff was found absent from duty.

The prime minister has directed the higher civil and military officials to utilize all resources in order to save Dadu grid statin. On the directions of PM Shehbaz, three excavators have been dispatched from Moro city.

Prime Minister Shehbaz is overseeing himself the restoration work of the infrastructure damaged during the floods round the clock. He instructed the officials to immediately save the Dadu grid station from the ravages of flood as the grid station was necessary for provision of continuous supply of electricity.

Indus River has been in high flood at Kotri Barrage, while the water level in Sukkur and Guddu barrages dropped rapidly on Sunday.

The water in the river has dropped to blow low flood at Guddu, Sukkur and other barrages in upstream of Indus River.

The Indus River has been in high flood at Kotri Barrage with water inflow has surged to 6,26,194 cusecs and outflow in the downstream has been 6,00,018 cusecs.

Four off-taking canals from Kotri Barrage carrying 20,000 cusecs of water. The river water exerting pressure at Kotri Barrage and protective dykes from Dadu to Thatta and Sujawal, irrigation sources said.

Several union councils and urban areas of Jamshoro and Kotri have submerged under the river water.


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