Grenade attack in Karachi



IN recent weeks, there is an uptick in acts of terrorism. On Saturday night, at least thirteen people including women and young boys were killed and several others wounded when a mini truck exploded in Karachi, in what initial investigations by authorities have determined to be a grenade attack.

According to Additional Inspector General Imran Yaqoob, the attack may be a result of family dispute as all those killed belonged to one family or an act of terrorism.

In Dasu bus tragedy also, government officials first called it an accident but later it emerged that it was an act of sabotage carried out by India-NDS nexus. Hence, there is a need to carry out a comprehensive investigation into Karachi incident and elements behind them must be exposed.

If it is an act of terrorism, there should be no doubt that India is behind it, which is bent upon disturbing peace in Pakistan. Recent acts of terrorism including the one that took place about a week ago near Serena Hotel in Quetta clearly suggest that our big cities face major threat.

As regards Karachi, peace was restored in the city after Rangers carried out detailed operations that gave sense of security to people of the city and led to renewed economic activities.

These saboteurs and unscrupulous elements cannot be allowed to play again with lives of the people in Karachi.

Time warrants extraordinary steps on part of our security and intelligence agencies to pre-empt terrorist attacks.

It is only through better intelligence sharing and coordination that we can foil enemy’s sordid designs. These terrorists must be eliminated providing them no opportunity to hurt our people.

At the same time, evidence of Indian involvement in terror attacks must be forcefully presented at different world forums including during bilateral engagements with other countries.

Turning a back towards its evil acts has only emboldened the Indian extremist leadership. Time has come to hold Indian leaders accountable for their crimes before it is too late.


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