Greenshirts poor performance


IT is unfortunate to see the unceasing downslide of Pakistan’s cricket. Once the top ranking team is now touching the bottom. One had pinned great expectations that the fortune of our cricket will change with Prime Minister Imran Khan in power. However, nothing has changed over the last two and a half years with performance of our players continuously on the decline.
The series against New Zealand also proved to be a disappointing one. The Kiwis not only won the T-Twenty series but also inflicted a humiliating defeat to Pakistan in the test match series with the second one winning by an innings and 176 runs. Our batters have always struggled on pitches such as those in New Zealand and Australia but this time around our bowlers also failed to make any impact. The Kiwis outclassed Pakistan in all the fields. A serious course correction is required and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) first of all should fully investigate the debacle of the team in New Zealand. The senior players who failed to perform must now be shown the door. The induction of new blood will also help the PCB find a good Captain capable enough to lead the team and inculcate confidence in players. The defeat in New Zealand really poses a serious question mark on the capability and ability of the management team including the coaches. Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq indeed are big names whose services as players will always be remembered but this does not mean that good players are also good coaches. Their weaknesses as the head and batting coaches stood totally exposed in the New Zealand series. Not only the national team but at the domestic level also we need the professional coaches in order to prepare our cricketers as per the modern day requirements. The PCB and Selection Committee will have to select the players on merit whilst rising above any other consideration(s) if we are really interested to save our cricket. Otherwise, its destiny will not be different from that of hockey and other games in the country.

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