Green Line Karachi


Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed has informed the National Assembly that the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System, Karachi is set to be completed before July 2019. However July 2019 comes to an end and this project still stands uncompleted. The deadline of completion this project is extended after every deadline. As witnessed the stop of green line project still under construction and it is not looking to start in 2019. Is Federal Minister countable or we should tout this commitment as mere a political statement.
The project is solely funded by the federal government without any contribution by the government of Sindh in infrastructure development. However, the operation, maintenance of buses and installation of ITS equipment on Green Line is the responsibility of Government of Sindh. Either it is delay on the part of Sindh Government or at Federal Government end; not confirmed.
The Green Line project which cost Rs.25 billion was inaugurated by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 2016. The project starts from Karachi’s Surjani Town area all the way till Guru Mandir. Out of the 17.8kms stretch of the Green Line, 9.92kms are elevated and 7.88kms are on ground. There are a total of 21 stations along its route. It was envisioned that after its completion, the Corridor will benefit nearly 300,000 passengers per day.

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