Poor hygiene


Unfortunately, like good health, personal good hygiene is not the priority of many in our society. And most people consider personal hygiene as simply keeping up a presentable appearance. But, in fact, good personal hygiene is a lot more than looking neat. When it comes to personal hygiene includes all those good habits which are helpful in maintaining body cleanliness. It includes regular tooth brushing, bathing, shampooing the hair, hand washing, applying deodorant and wearing clean clothes. These practices have certain consequences in terms of one’s health, social life and career.
As usual, I visited a few educational institutions in Islamabad some days back, I was shocked to experience while sitting with a few boys and girls students, including a few faculty members, that they have had body odour – one of the most common results of poor hygiene – bad breath, dental diseases, etc. A foul body smell, tooth decay and a dirty body and unclean clothes always adversely affect one’s personal and professional growth in the neat and clean and health and hygiene conscious societies, but unfortunately not in ours where dirty dominate in all walks of life.
I remember that in the past our parents, elders, school teachers, religious scholars, among others, used to sensitize young children about their good personal hygiene, but in this era of Burgar eating culture, nobody cares. However, need of the hour is to promote personal good hygiene in every segment of society with a special focus among students. Subjects like Physical Education, Health, Hygiene, Yoga, Positive Thinking, etc which have relevance with society, practicability and wide utility may be introduced in our curriculum, instead of irrelevant subjects.

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