Campus or Waziristan?


A university is a platform where youth find an environment to learn. It is like a heaven where one finds a peaceful atmosphere. But if the management of the University is worse, it could lead youth towards only darkness, depression and anxiety. Yes, it mostly happens in Quaid-e-Awam University Larkana Campus.
The Campus has drastically failed to ensure an even minimum required management. Not to speak of major necessities even basic ones: pure water, electricity, clean environment, pollution free washrooms have raised a big question mark over the weak Administration. The Campus also lacks in proper food canteen. One wonders where a big chunk of Sindh budget, as claimed by the government, goes! Professors have long been waiting for their due salaries.
Owing to the salaries, result of several semesters has been pending for almost 2 years. What is the fault of students who pay admission, semester, hostel and other required fee/expenses? Hostels of the campus are like an old adventure where students face darkness and electricity flaws due to unavailability of the fuel of generator. What are the concerned stakeholders doing against all such ill-oriented designs? Similarly, there are a number of major issues faced by students. The most appalling one is the lack of students’ registration done by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) without which the degrees would be useless. The PEC works to analyze the standard of education system and provide registration to the students which make their degrees valid and valuable. How would the PEC come, considering all such gruesome issues? The above-mentioned dismal situation calls for urgent action. It is time the concerned officials/Sindh government allocated the required budget to minimize tantalizing matters which destroy the backbone of the country — youth.

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