Grand exposure of Indian fascism

Sikandar Noorani

EYE opening disclosures about Indian multi-directional manipulations and foul play against neighbours are pouring in frequently these days. Understandably, Pakistan is at the top of Indian hit list. Besides vicious sponsorship of hardcore terrorist and separatist networks poised against Pakistan, Modi regime has further sharpened the weapon of propaganda with vigorous media disinformation campaigns. Though, false propaganda and fabrication of allegations has always been a permanent feature of Indian coercive Pak centric policy but its enhanced application during BJP era seems alarmingly unprecedented. Lies were portrayed as truth through persistent hammering of poisonous narratives. Digital means proved helpful in global amplification of irrational, baseless and largely damaging ideas.

World is shocked to know that Indian disinformation campaigns specifically configured to mislead the top international forums like UN, International Court of Justice and Financial Action Task Force. A wide range propaganda amplification network was placed in Europe by Indian state actors 15 years back to target countries of concern. As disclosed amply in EU Disinfo Lab report, Pakistan and China had been particularly coerced by Indian fake media networks through regular projection of false news. Indian Srivastava group patronized this vicious web of lies as a cover organization of Indian agencies and ANI kept passing the fabricated pack of lies as authentic stuff. A lot has come up on national and international media about more than 750 fake media outlets and dozens of false identities used in this mill of lies. A mysterious silence is being observed by Indian quarters on such an unprecedented exposure of Indian foul play.

It is rightly assessed that any denial might prove counterproductive due to unchallengeable authenticity of facts. It has been exposed by impartial European NGO that India is involved in false maligning of Pakistan in terrorism, human rights violations and minority persecution allegations. Indian funded fake think tanks were involved in spreading false narratives fabricated by RAW to mislead the EU countries and UN affiliated sub organizations. Proxy networks of ethnic pressure groups were created to destabilize Pakistan through projection of militant insurgency and separatist themes. Indian disinformation network knitted the efforts of a handful of self-exiled social media influencers, B-Grade hybrid journalists and power seeker ethnic activists. Pak ideology, CPEC, national integration, sectarian harmony, socio-religious values and economic revival plans are being targeted by Indian funded media disinformation networks to perpetuate wide scale destabilization.

Extensive proliferation of army-centric propaganda narratives revolved around war on terror, Afghanistan policy, ceasefire violations at the LoC, operations against ethnic militants and role in nation building projects. EU Disinfo Lab report revealed that special emphasis was laid by Indian Establishment to ignite the ethnic discord in Baluchistan to sabotage the acceleration on CPEC. As much has been revealed about Indian fraudulent disinformation campaigning, now the focus must be laid to deduce the specific objectives being pursued by New Delhi. Latest exposure of firebrand Indian anchor Arnab Goswami’s unethical linkage with Indian Establishment has further substantiated the disclosures surfaced in EU Disinfo Lab’ report. Anchors like Arnab stand nowhere among the fraternity of credible journalists due to persistent fact twisting, biased amplification of fascist narratives and objectionable non-professional on screen performance.

Not the Arnab himself but engagement of Indian state actors with such malicious characters is a matter of grave concern for saner quarters. In fact fascist states and their trigger happy institutions create such monsters who kill the truth on the behest of their masters as and when desired. India is in no position to deny or divert the revealed facts as all the revelations have surfaced from impartial unbiased sources. EU Disinfo Lab has no perceived interest in Pakistan and IIOJK. Much talked about WhatsApp chat leak of Arnab was presented in court by Mumbai police as a corroboratory evidence in tampered media rating case. Congress has been raising questions during election campaign about Modi’s false claims of surgical strikes at Balakot in post Pulwama attack scenario. Chat leak has clearly proved that Pulwama attack on CRPF convoy was staged to justify air raid on Balakot with a malicious aim to exploit anti-Pak rhetoric in elections. BJP did it successfully in absolute disregard to national obligations, ethics and humanity.

Even a B-grade journalist like Arnab knew in advance about Balakot air raid what later portrayed as a top level state secret by Indian Government. It was all done to win the elections and to secure another term! Unfortunately, story of this dirty game was written with the blood of 45 CRPF soldiers who received the funeral of a national martyr but actually lost their lives for the political benefit of BJP and Modi. Journos like Arnab knew it all! Officials dealing with channel ratings like Pratho Das also knew it all. Anti-Pak rhetoric was used to befool the Indian public to remain in power and regain the lost repute. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is a prime victim of Modi regime’s coercive manipulations but a deeper introspection in India must not be delayed anymore. Opposition parties, Congress and Shiv Sena have demanded inquiry of chat leak as an act of treason. This seems to be a season of grand exposures of Indian fascist regime.
—The Islamabad-based writer is a retired army officer and occasionally contributes to the national press.

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