Govt’s green policies


GIVEN the threat posed by climate change which often is described bigger than Covid-19 and terrorism, it is a matter of satisfaction that present government is not only fully cognizant of the challenge but also taken steps to meet it.

These efforts are also being recognized at the international level.

In his tweet on Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan also shared a video of World Economic Forum which recognizes and appreciates the government’s climate action plan.

The video highlights government’s focus on renewables as well as creation of green spaces including $ 180 million in funding towards the creation of fifteen national parks.

There is no denying that Pakistan is amongst the most vulnerable countries in the world in the face of climate change.

According to Green Group of the WWF, Pakistan is a forest-poor country where trees cover less than six percent of the total area.

Over the previous decades, the country has already witnessed extreme weather conditions including floods, extraordinary heavy monsoon rains and heat-waves – even as the country has contributed disproportionately less towards the emission of greenhouse gases.

In one end of the country we are fast losing our coastline to seawater intrusion, while at the other, glaciers are fast melting, resulting in permanent reduction in water flow in our rivers.

With the changing cropping calendar, and more erratic and unpredictable monsoon season, Pakistan’s food insecurity is also under increasing threat of climate change.

Climate induced migration has already begun in several areas of the country.

In this backdrop, it really goes to the PTI government for pursuing a futuristic approach to cope with the environmental vulnerabilities.

It is laying heavy emphasis on the tree plantation. The ten billion tree tsunami project is one of such initiatives to counter the rising temperatures, floodings and droughts.

Plus it has also come up with renewable energy and electric vehicle policies.

However, it is responsibility of top contributors of greenhouse gas emissions to help countries such as Pakistan which contribute less (GhG) emissions to better and effectively implement their climate action plans as it is the matter of future of this planet.


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