Govt to protect innocent people: PML-N


Deputy Secretary Information PMLN Punjab Imran Goraya has said even if Fayyaz Chauhan hangs upside down, PTI’s game is over now.

Sending a video message from a secret location does not make marches successful. Reacting to the statement, Imran Goraya said that Fayyaz Chauhan is just making baseless and hollow claims. He said it is the duty of the government to protect innocent people from the bullying of PTI.

The government has taken all possible steps to protect people in this regard. Imran Goraya has said the discovery of arms from the house of a PTI Lahore leader is a matter of great concern.

The arms recovery has exposed the dangerous intentions of the PTI. He added that PTI has planned a bloody march and is coming to Islamabad to cause nothing but riots. Armed groups will not be allowed to invade Islamabad. Goraya said the general public must not worry.


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