Hospitals asked to ensure readiness for isolated treatment in suspected Monkeypox cases


Public and private hospitals have been directed to ensure readiness for isolation and treatment in case of any Monkeypox suspected case. According to an official of the Ministry of National Health Services, the direction has been issued as timely detection and notification is important for prompt implementation of preventive measures.

He said that all national and provincial health authorities have been advised to remain on high alert for any suspected case of Monkeypox in the country. He, however, said that so far not a single case of Monkeypox has reported in any part of the country. He said that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has issued an alert on multi-country Monkeypox outbreak in non-endemic countries to concerned health authorities and professionals at all levels, stakeholders especially Central Health Establishment including monitoring points of entry have also been asked to remain vigilant.

He said that the situation has urged all countries to enhance surveillance and vigilance. The Centre for Disease Control, NIH is monitoring the situation and will keep the stakeholders updated, he added. He said that Monkeypox disease cases have been reported by the non-endemic countries including UK, Spain and Canada and a total of 92 confirmed and 28 suspected cases have been reported till date.

He added, Monkeypox is a rare viral zoonotic disease that is caused by infection with Monkeypox virus. Although natural reservoir of Monkeypox remains unknown, however, African rodents and non-human primates like monkey may harbor the virus and infect people.

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