Govt to enforce writ if ‘Azadi March’ held


Opp refusal to hold talks with govt points to anti-Kashmir agenda: Khattak warns if someone wishes to harm system, will get rightful response

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Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, who has been appointed by the government to spearhead talks with opposition parties, on Saturday said that the opposition’s refusal to come to the table points towards an anti-Kashmir agenda.
Khattak was referring to the opposition parties’ decision to answer JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s call to band together and march against the government on October 31. The opposition has thus far refused to come to the table for talks with the government and has instead voiced a singular demand: the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
“We are requesting the opposition parties to come and talk,” Khattak told a press conference held here, adding, “Because if you have any issues then you should talk. This is a democracy.”
The defence minister warned that such stubborn behaviour will only result in “utter lawlessness”. He rejected any possibility of a resignation from the premier.
“If you don’t sit with us and talk, then we would have to fulfil our responsibility. Whatever happens afterwards will be on you,” he said, addressing the opposition parties. Khattak warned that in such an event, the government will then be left with no choice but to act and “make decisions according to the law”.
He said that the country is faced with many issues, foremost of which is the Kashmir issue, “which seems to be constantly cast aside”. “It seems there is some other agenda; an agenda has been formed to bury the issue of Kashmir”.
Khattak said that messages have been sent to senior leadership of all opposition parties to come to the table for talks and expressed hope that the offer may yet be taken up.
He negated the impression that the government had been pushed into forming a committee “out of fear”. “These are norms of democracy. Things can only be resolved through dialogue.”
He laid stress on the fact that the government only wishes to safeguard the nation from anarchy and destruction. “The government has to establish its writ. If someone challenges the government, it is not just Imran Khan that is the government, it is a state. And it is not just PTI that forms the state, we have a whole system and if


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