Govt to complete tenure



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Revenue Shakil Ahmed Advocate Tuesday said PTI government would complete its mandated period as it had support of the masses. Talking to media here, the minister said that PTI would secure more seats in the parliament in the 2023 general elections as compared to the 2018. The people have rejected the other political parties for their failure to deliver during their respective tenures. The minister slammed the Jamaat Islami’s double standard and dubious role in the national politics, saying the party was wiped out by the people in the previous general elections from all the constituencies of Malakand Division which were their stronghold in the past. Even JI Amir Sirjaul Haq lost his seat in the 2018 general elections at the hands of PTI candidate. To a question, he said people were satisfied with the vision.

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