Govt supportive of idea of promoting E-Commerce industry: Tarin

Staff Reporter

The Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Shaukat Tarin, chaired a meeting with the representatives of ‘Daraz’, one of the prominent digital market- places in Pakistan.

Daraz was represented by Mr. Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO Daraz Group, Mr. Ehsan Saya, MD Daraz Pakistan, Ms. Kiran Faruqi, CFO Daraz Group, and Mr. Ahmad Hassan, CFO Daraz Pakistan.

The Finance Minister welcomed the digital market-place operator and said that the current government is supportive of the idea of promoting the E-Commerce industry as a catalyst to economic growth and source of future foreign direct investments.

The Minister said that he sees great potential of promotion of small and medium enterprises in Pakistan if provided support by digital platforms like Daraz.

Such collaborative efforts will also create employment opportunities for the youth in the country, he added.

MD Daraz Pakistan, briefed the Finance Minister that his online platform offers 20 million different

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