Govt should hold its accountability to set example



Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan and Kashmir (TJPK) Abdullah Hamid Gul on Wednesday said the government should hold itself accountable to set an example for across the board accountability in the country. He made these remarks at a gathering of TJPK workers here in Shabqadar while addressing the youth participating in the convention from the adjoining areas who expressed its commitment to support and adhere to TJPK’s manifesto and ideology.
Abdullah Gul said, “All the political parties should engage in a nationwide dialogue for fair elections and supremacy of the Constitution in order to safeguard the state. It is imperative to take this decision on war footings to bring the country out of the economic and political crisis prevailing in the country.” He added that if no dialogue in this context was initiated then the history would not forgive the political leadership for any major mishap.
Speaking as special guest on the occasion, the Tehreek chairman said the government should not exemplify victimization of opposition parties in the wake of accountability process rather should maintain a fair equal system of accountability. “The present government is also leading the wrong policies of the previous governments which should be discouraged,” he added.
Abdullah Gul said the politics of the country revolves around personalities rather than the system.—INP

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