Govt needs to remove obstacles for success of industrial package: Pervez Hanif


Chairperson of the Carpet Training Institute (CTI) and former President of the Lahore Chamber, Pervez Hanif has said that the entire success of the industrial package announced by the government depends on the attitude of the concerned departments how successfully they implement it.

He said in Pakistan, the red tapism is the biggest obstacle to investment and mere announcements alone will not attract local or overseas investors.

These views were expressed by Pervez Hanif while talking to a visiting delegation at his office here on Monday.

He said the role of the FBR has been limited to issuing notices by making false assessments, which has caused great concern among the taxpayers.

The announcement of the industrial package is welcoming sign for the economy however, he said adding the concerned departments should change their outlook setting aside their traditional lethargic attitude and old habits of creating hindrance.

He said unfortunately, the Prime Minister has repeatedly announced one window operation for investors but it has not been implemented.

The CTI Chairperson said that without strict monitoring, the success of this industrial package is not possible so it is imperative for Prime Minister to set up an empowered monitoring committee comprising of experts in the relevant field and the same monitoring committee will also act as focal person to address the problems of investors and hold them accountable for the negative attitude of departments.

Pervez Hanif said that the FBR got its negative impression for intimidating the taxpayers and Prime Minister as well as Finance Minister both should take the notice of FBR negative attitude and if this practice of intimidating the taxpayers should not be suppressed on time then it is feared that the government would fail to expand net of taxpayers in the country. —INP


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