Govt likely to get Hafeez Shaikh elected as Senator

Mohammad Arshad

The government prepares to get Federal Minister for Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh elected as Senator despite his defeat from the federal capital in a bid to win trust and confidence of the international monetary institutions.

In this regard, Hafeez Shaikh may be elected from Khyber Pukhtun-khwa or Punjab where PTI have majority, but PTI will have to convince some already elected Senator to withdraw or resign from his membership of the Uppper House of the Parliament.

According to well placed sources, the governmnt is of the viewpoint that country’s economy is in a dire need of the financial support from the international finanical institutions and Finance Minister has been playing key role in convincing the international negotiators on Pakistani stance for the revival of economy.

Moreover, Hafeez Shaikh played a key role in bringing Pakistan and International Monetary Fund to an agreement.

On the other hand, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has decided against resigning from his post after meeting the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Hafeez Shaikh had an important meeting with Imran Khan. During the meeting, the Prime Minister expressed full confidence in Shaikh and directed him to continue his work.

Imran Khan said that Hafeez Shaikh has an important role to play in improving Pakistan s economy.

Further, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, after meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday, decided not to resign from his post and to continue his responsibilities as finance minister.