Governor inspects development work of Empress Market



Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori said that fixing Karachi is not less than keeping life in the palm of your hand, but God willing, Karachi will be seen to be better soon. Earlier, only doctors were working here, now surgeons have also come with them, so the citizens will improve.

So be hopeful, a good team has been formed to work in the city, inshallah soon the people will get the good news, there will be a big crackdown against the drug mafia in the next two weeks.

He expressed these views on Friday on the occasion of the visit of Empress Market Saddar along with Administrator Karachi Dr. Saifur Rahman. Senior officers of KMC were also present on this occasion. Inspected the painting work being done in the upper part of Empress Market and painted with his own hands on the window lattices.While talking to media he said that we have to save our children from the scourge of addiction.

In the next two to four months, 400 public toilets will be built in Karachi. there are many questions in Karachi, now the time has come to answer these questions in front of the eyes of the media, the work of coloring in Empress Market is going on after 60 years, which will bring out its appearance, the head of the institution. If you are honest and hardworking, it seems to work.

The governor said that Empress Market has a prominent place in the history of Karachi and people from all over Pakistan including Karachi call it their asset. Today we can proudly say that Empress Market is in a better condition than in the past.

Dr. Saifur Rahman has played a prominent role in this, and now again the work of renovating Empress Market is going on day and night, which shows his seriousness in improving the city. He further said that this historic building built in 1889 was in a state of disrepair in the past, the use of snorkel for paint and oil at the Empress Market will speed up the work, the Empress Market is the center of shopping for daily necessities, it should be improved.

He said that the historical buildings are our valuable heritage and will protect them from destruction in any situation. The Municipality of Karachi will continue its efforts to make the city green and beautiful.