Goodwill gesture from Kabul


THE Taliban Government in Afghanistan has categorically stated that it is ready to open a new page with the United States and this must not be a page of war and conflict.

In an exclusive interview to this newspaper, Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan said the Afghan Government firmly believes in interaction and dialogue with all countries of the world including the United States and is willing to sort out differences through talks.

The spokesperson candidly responded to all those questions that agitate the minds of the outside world and the policies of the Taliban Government with a clear message that the Government is there to stay and the world community should sit across the negotiating table to discuss points of divergence.

In this backdrop, it is regrettable that the West, instead of seizing the opportunity for dialogue and durable peace, is still adamant on using pressure tactics and arms twisting which is compounding the situation in the region.

Zabiullah pointed out that as per their commitment under the Doha Agreement, the Taliban Government is not allowing any group to use Afghan soil against any other country but despite the end of the formal war, the United States is still continuing with its drone attacks inside Afghanistan.

Similarly, he said, sanctions and seizure of Afghan assets are counter-productive and add to the sufferings of the people, who need global cooperation to rebuild the war-torn country.

The details provided by the spokesperson about economic policies of the Afghan Government are reassuring as a number of projects for the welfare of the Afghan people and regional connectivity are being implemented despite numerous odds.

The Taliban Government is focusing on policies, plans and programmes aimed at economic revival and job creation with the help of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs.

A number of infrastructure projects including highways and roads and canals have been initiated, which would benefit the country both in short and long terms.

It is satisfying for Pakistan that Afghanistan is committed to playing its part in the implementation of vital projects of regional connectivity like TAPI and CASA-1000, which augurs well for their timely completion.

The Taliban have demonstrated their capability to deliver as far as peace and stability in Afghanistan is concerned and their hands should be strengthened through economic and financial collaboration for the sake of regional and global peace and security.

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