GOC Hyderabad celebrates Eid with SOS Village children



The GOC 18 Division Hyderabad Cantt Major General Dilawar visited SOS Village, Jamshoroand celebrated Eid with children.

He also distributed beautiful gifts among the children. The children also had lunch with the GOC and enjoyed drinks and desserts.

Gifts and clean food were also distributed among the children of all the houses and hostels of SOS Village gifted by the GOC Hyderabad.

Maj General Dilawar said, “I spent the whole day in SOS Village with the orphans and helpless children.”

It should be noted that the GOC Hyderabad will also provide shoes to the orphans and helpless children of SOS Village next week.

While the GOC Major General Dilawar has also arranged a visit to HyderabadCanttfor the children of SOS Village.

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