Girls education vital for economic development, rapid social change

Our Correspondent

Praising girls for their outstanding academic performance, AJK President Sardar Masood Khan said educating the girls is pivotal in the progress of the country and the development of society.

Masood, who delivered an address at the 5th convocation of the University of Poonch, Rawalakot here on Thursday conferred 2,418 degrees, and presented gold medals to 53 toppers (majority of them girls), exhorted the students and members of the faculty to strive for excellence.

‘Knowledge not only empowers the individuals but also put the nations on the path of progress and prosperity, hence we must keep the lamp of knowledge burning bright to become a progressive and prosperous nation’, he asserted.

The state president said that the University of Poonch Rawalakot had brought a revolution in the field of education by imparting quality education to the boys and girls in different disciplines for which whole of Azad Kashmir in general and the people of the Poonch region, in particular, feel a sense of pride.

He noted that the high ratio of girl students who had shown outstanding performance in different disciplines was ample evidence of the greater awareness among the parents regarding the importance of education both for girls and boys.

The AJK president advised the students to be proud of their values, identity, culture, and language but at the same time, they should also learn other languages including English which is a source of communication at the international level and has significance in learning modern sciences and technologies.

Congratulating the parents on the wonderful achievement of their children, he said that it was the vision of the parents, their dedication to education, and the spirit of sacrifice that led their children to this remarkable success.

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