ANF arrest 30 drug peddlers, recovers drugs worth $ 108m

Our Correspondent

Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 1885.66 kgs narcotics valuing US $ 108 million in international market, arrested 30 drug peddlers including an Afghani, a woman and impounded 15 vehicles while conducting 26 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country.

According to an ANF spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 18.72 kgs Heroin, 1492.75 kgs Hashish, 120 kgs Opium, 1.040 kgs Amphetamine (Ice), 6600 Ecstasy Tabs (3.850 kgs), 1.600 kgs Suspected Powder, 5460 Alparozlam Tabs (1.500 kgs), 565320 Xanax Tabs (134 kgs), 264000 Valium Diazepam Tabs (78 Kgs), 83760 Pinix Alprazlom Tabs (26.5 Kgs), 7.5 kgs Methamphetamine (Ice) & 0.200 kgs Ecstasy Powder.

ANF Balochistan, Police Station Regional Directorate ANF Balochistan recovered 6 kgs Hashish near Bismillah Hotel Dasht area District Sibi from personal possession of arrested accused Shoukat Ali resident of Mastung.

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