Ghee, pulses rates go up in open market, U-stores


Due to heavy damage to crops in recent floods, a shortage of pulses, rice, maize, cocking oil and other edible item has started in open markets of major cities including Lahore.

In Akbari Mandi of Lahore, the prices of pulses increased by Rs30. While the retail price of ghee and oil has increased by Rs10 to Rs 500 per kg.

Grade-II ghee and cocking oil have become expensive by Rs4 in the open market of the city.

On the other hand, the prices of different eatable items at the utility stores in Karachi have also increased as the company’s spices, dry milk, biscuits and tea have become more expensive.

Tea at the utility stores in Karachi became expensive by Rs70, spices from various companies by Rs15, dry milk by Rs50 and biscuits by Rs5.

According to the utility stores spokesperson, the administration is determined to continue to supply basic items to the public at utility stores at lower prices than the open market.

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