Geyser, heater, lunda clothes’ prices touching skies with start of winter


Irfan Aligi

Prices of Lunda clothing in Karachi have take a straight flight to skies while Lunda markets that were once seated in one location have been scattered after anti-encroachment department demolished hundreds of Lunda clothes as those were established on lands the shopkeepers had encroached.
With the onset of winter season, the life of low-income populous tat has migrated from other provinces for employment, etc, seems to have become a portrait of misery while the prices of everything that have soared to skies diminished their power of purchase. In this context, as the meteorology department has forecast that the season winter would unleash its havocking impacts due to climate change.
With the onset of chilling breeze, people have started visiting shops and markets for purchase of warm clothing. However, prices of fresh warm clothing have reached beyond peoples’ power to purchase while the prices of second hand (Lunda clothing such as jackets, coats, etc have also reached beyond their power of purchase.
Taxes on imports have been increased and as was in past, smuggling of second hand (Lunda) clothing have greatly been restricted by the authorities, due to which the prices have jumped to a level of highest priced goods. We don’t want to sell the Lunda clothing at higher rates but instead we want to see everyone is happy to buy these Lunda clothing for winter at cheaper rates because that would keep the Lunda business going on, a Lunda cloth merchant told Pakistan Observer.
It has been learned that the people normally come for the purchase of old jackets, socks and office working guys look for coats and pants but the prices of Lunda clothing have reached as equal to fresh clothing and even some varieties of fresh clothing are cheaper than Lunda clothing such as soaks, warm hats and jeans and leather jackets as these are imported from China at cheaper rates.
At the other, prices of heaters, stoves and wood pieces have also jumped to double the rates. Almost, Rs.300 has been added to electric and gas heaters in Karachi’s retailers’ markets. Sale of electric heaters was observed to be at zero level due to high electricity tariff while people are also afraid of gas heaters as these have been reported as most dangerous to peoples’ lives. The branded gas heaters with all pre-set precautions are too expensive to buy today.