Gauhar Zahid Malik highlights Senate’s role to rekindle Pakistan’s prosperity


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Observer’s Executive Editor Gauhar Zahid Malik attended the Senate session to mark golden jubilee celebrations.

In his speech, Mr. Malik first greeted the notables including Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani, AJK premier Tanveer Ilyas, and other members, and congratulated all members for summoning the special commemorative session of the house.

Pakistan came into existence on the basis of an ideology, he said, linking unity and strengthening of the ideology with the development and survival of the South Asian nation. He called the supreme legislative body of Pakistan, and the upper house of the parliament and defined Senate as a symbol of national harmony and unity.

If we look back, the path was full of struggles. He said the internal problems of our country stay in place, but the nation needs to deal with conspiracies hatched by international powers besides thwarting nefarious bids of these powers to get their hands on national assets.

Mr. Malik said the defense of Pakistan is in the safe hands of armed forces which is no less than a blessing for the masses, thanking Allah Almighty for it. He termed the Ideology of Pakistan crucial to curb recent terror incidents that occurred in Karachi and Peshawar and to deal with the economic crisis.

Pakistan came into being on the 27th of Ramadan, a blessed night, he said, and called it a depiction from Allah Almighty about the land for Muslims, he said, and further added that the country will remain till the end of this world.

He said every patriotic citizen is aware that the challenges are temporary and need a collective effort. Quoting his late father, the founder of Pakistan Observer and Nazriya Pakistan Council (Trust) Mr. Zahid Malik, he said every Pakistani should consider what he gave to the country before going to bed every night, stressing contribution for national prosperity.

Before ending his speech, he again felicitated all members for giving him the opportunity to share his views in the house.