WATCH – Peshawar attack’s CCTV footage shows suicide bomber entering police lines

Peshawar attack

The ghastly attack in Peshawar killed more than 100 people mostly law enforcers, while hundreds were wounded in the latest terror incident.

Lately, the CCTV footage of the suicide attack surfaced, showing footage from the Police Lines area in which the attacker can be seen stepping into the Police Lines area in the guise of a cop who later entered the mosque and blew himself.

The motorbike-borne attacker was caught on camera while entering the heavily fortified area. The clip first shows him walking with his two-wheeler toward the parking area. After parking his bike on the roadside, the suspected attacker –– hiding his identity using a safety helmet and a face mask –– moved towards the mosque.

Earlier in the day, Inspector-general of police KP Moazzam Jah Ansari claimed to trace the bomber, saying the agencies acquired the CCTV clip of the suicide bomber in which he can be entering the highly sensitive area in the guise of a police uniform.

The IG had also shared that the bomber entered the mosque at 12:37 pm, and also that he had asked one of the police constables about the mosque.

Jah, in his gung-ho presser, mentioned busting the terror network soon. Scores of suspects have been detained in wake of the deadliest attack that sent shockwaves across the county.

The recent attack on cops is said to be the deadliest in a decade to hit the northern city of Peshawar, a major business hub near the Afghan border.