Fourth Anniversary of Deaths of 2 TOLOnews Staff Observed



Monday is the fourth anniversary of the deaths of TOLOnews’ journalist Samim Faramarz and TOLOnews’ cameraman Ramarz Ahmadi.

Four years ago today, Faramarz and Ahmadi went to cover a blast in western Kabul and were killed in a second blast at the scene of the first.

Ahmadi had five years’ experience as a cameraman for TOLOnews.

“When it is Eid or any event, we are still heart broken. Trust me, it is his mother, me, his brothers–we have not seen happiness over the past four years,” said Noorullah, Ahmadi’s father.

Faramarz studied journalism in Kazakhstan and worked for three years for TOLOnews.

“It has never been forgotten. There has been no happiness in our family for the past four years,” said a brother of Faramarz.

“Faramarz was one of our colleagues who was very social. He always smiled and was a hard worker,” said Zabiullah Sadat, Faramarz’s colleague.

“The blast happened. Everyone was thrown somewhere. I mean it was a disaster that I cannot forget,” said Khalid Nikzad, a former TOLOnews’ s journalist and eyewitness.

The attack was claimed by Daesh.

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