MoI: Rockets hitting kabul’s dehmazang not from drones



The Ministry of Interior (MoI) denied the reports of drone strikes on Kabul, particularly in PD3 of the city.

A spokesman for the MoI said that two rockets hit the Dehmazang area in PD 3 of Kabul city but didn’t inflict any casualties.

“Regarding the PD3 and Dehmazang area, and rumors about it, I must clearly say that they are absolutely lies and baseless, said Abdul Nafay Takor, a spokesman for the MoI.

According to witnesses, a residence was hit by two rockets in PD3.

“I was praying and there was a sound. I thought it was fireworks, then they shot another one. Then I didn’t understand, the glass was shattered.

My son went out and said there is just dust,” said an eyewitness, who wished to go unnamed.

“They have shot a rocket. The glass of this area was shattered.

They gathered all the neighbors and took them to the police district. He is still in the police district,” said an eyewitness, who wished to go unnamed.

One of the rockets destroyed the roof of a residence.

“We woke up in the morning—during the night—we didn’t go out because of fear—we saw a rocket hit the roof and explode,” said a resident.

Meanwhile, security officials of PD3 said that four people have been arrested in connection with this.

“Some suspected individuals have been arrested… we suspect that maybe those who attacked are the people who belong to the Resistance Front,” said Mukhtar, commander of PD3.

The residents also said they have seen drones flying above Dehmazang area in recent days.

“We are concerned. We are not calm. If they interfere here, it will again turned into an insecure environment,” said a resident of Karta-e-Char.

“This is very dangerous for our citizens. They may be mistaken for the target, or they will hit roads and residences,” he said.

The MoI denied the claims of drone strikes.


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