Four penniless richmen meet a billionaire . . !


AH well dear folks this be an imaginary story I tell, where them three billionaires Mukesh, Anil, Adani and we’ll even throw in Bill Gates as the fourth for good measure or just to give it an international flavour, got together one day to decide who be the richest of them all.

They were just getting ready to show each other their assets when a loud shout comes from some village nearby.

“I am the richest!” “Who’s that?” asked Mukesh to his brother. “It doesn’t sound like Warren Buffet,” said a worried Bill Gates nodding at Adani.

The four then proceeded to find out who dared compete with their combined untold, unimaginable wealth.

Now, he was sort of middle aged and laughed as he saw the expressions on their faces, “How quickly you fellows became so paranoid!” he chuckled, “All your riches don’t take away your insecurity does it? But I’m different, I’m secure!” “You’re secure?” laughed Bill, as Mukesh sneered, Anil sniggered and Adani guffawed. “You secure in this place?”

Well folks maybe I should have told you before, but one sure gets so carried away when four billionaires meet I did forget to mention this here fellow so bold to talk with these eminent gentlemen lived in a shanty, a hut, which was a little bigger than a room and a kitchen.

“I’m secure here!” said the man his face a picture of joy. “How?” asked Mukesh. “It’s impossible!” said Adani. “It’s a lie!” shouted Anil and Gates together.

Now folks when four of the most powerful men on earth call a man a liar there is nothing more to discuss is there? But this simple fellow, stupid you may call him, seemed unmoved by these wealthy, worthy men. “I am secure,” said the man smiling, “because a God above looks after my days and nights!

I am secure because I do not need money to bolster my ego! Did you sleep last night sir, when the stock market was sliding down point by point and you lost millions?” “No!” said the brothers together.

“But I sleep well every night!” “How can you without electricity, not even a fan?” asked Adani perplexed.

“Contentment aids my sleep!” laughed the man, “and someone greater than me conditions my life! Why do you four work so hard?” “To buy security, peace, happiness and joy!” said Gates.

“Which I possess in greater measure than all four of you!” laughed the man. And there in front of the richest men in the world, the fellow fell on his knees and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, “Thank you God for making me a billionaire!” Folks you got to believe me; there be confusion on them faces of the four penniless men as they gazed with envy, at the happy, joyous, contented face of the billionaire..!

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