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China and USA relations

Competition between the US and China is likely to further increase in the post-Covid world. The conflict between the two countries affected not only their interests, but the overall world peace and stability as well.

History and reality tells us that China and the United States are dependent upon each other and have intertwining interests.

China is an important force in helping the USA tide over difficulties and a right-hand-man in jointly solving international problems.

For example, China, in 2005, assisted the USA, which was severely hit by hurricane Katrina by providing enormous aid.

Presently, China provided the USA with large amounts of anti-pandemic materials such as masks and protective suits.

Relevant data on pandemic shared by China was personally admitted by the USA Administration that it helped the USA to prevent it.

In 2014, both countries jointly helped combat the Ebola epidemic in Africa. They also issued three joint climate change statements, promoting the successful signing of the Paris Agreement.

It is hoped that both countries cooperate to help the world emerge from the haze of the pandemic as soon as possible.

If the USA continues to pursue a diplomatic isolation policy against China, it will destroy not only the China-USA friendship but also the US’ reputation as a powerful country.

The third is to build a sound China-USA community conducive to healthy development of the US and world economy.

Hopefully wisdom would prevail and the two nations, especially the USA, would avoid competing with each other, rather cooperating for the wellbeing of the entire humanity.



More than half the population is still suffering from a number of diseases like Malaria, Cancer, Tumour, Fever, Diarrhea, high/low blood pressure.

South Korea, Taiwan, Denmark and Austria run the best health system to overcome the growing number of diseases.

Nonetheless, Sierra Leone is the worst country to facilitate their citizens in terms of healthcare.

Each country has different terms and conditions to finance the requirements of the health care system.

For instance, the criterion of the US is $190 for a small medical consultation, making it the most expensive country for higher medical expenses.

Other countries like Brazil, Malaysia, Cuba, Costa Rica and Japan have affordable medical facilities.

Additionally, developed countries like the US invested $120 billion in the health- care system, the UK committed to invest $150 million in biotechnology and is focusing on innovation and taking benefits from technological tools, Canada is the second country working on Research and Development to overcome harsh situations and providing facilities, China is also investing $140 billion to restructure biotechnology, and India has approximately 400 firms of biotechnology whose growth has increased by 300% for the past five years.

However, certain countries lack such technological facilities. Underdeveloped countries like Malawi, Bhutan, Solomon Islands and South Sudan don’t have Wi-Fi networks and electricity.

Hence, health care centres are vital for enhancing economical growth. Every country should focus on the health of its citizens. Governments, especially the Government of Pakistan, should build health-care centres to facilitate people.


Gas and electricity bills

I was puzzled to know that my poor relative’s gas and electricity bill was PKR 30,000 for a month because how can they pay PKR 30,000 for gas and electricity bills when their total income is PKR 20,000? According to them, they neither use refrigerator nor any other kind of machine. They only use fans and bulbs yet the bill was too still much.

This isn’t the first case though as many people are going through the same problem. If the government cannot provide free gas and electricity to them, the least it can do is not trouble and shock them with such high bills.

The concerned authorities need to take action because almost everyone is suffering from the same problem.

Hub city

Are children safe?

Children are considered the future of a nation as they grow up and take a country’s responsibilities and develop it.

But are the children in our country safe? According to a report, 2960 cases of child rape, kidnapping and marriage were registered and many cases remain unregistered.

Moreover, it is observed that at least 8-9 children are abused every day. These numbers and shameful accidents show just how ‘safe’ children in our country are.

The authorities need to take strict action against the criminals to prevent these heinous crimes or else our children and the future of nation will be destroyed.


Education, a business

Education in Pakistan has become a business for the rich due to various benefits but dealing with it is detrimental for students. These businessmen worsen education on a daily basis by working on quantity, not quality.

In addition, class discrimination is commonly observed in such institutes as they don’t think the poor are important or worthy in private sectors. So now only the rich children can afford education, not poor.

A poor child recently bagged the principle for reducing his school fees due to financial issues but without a word, the principal rejected his request at once and stated that the school was not for the poor. He wasn’t permitted to give his exams either.

The lives of poor children are being completely destroyed because of such people. They, rich businessmen of education, are making education more expensive every year.

The time is not far when it will be difficult to educate a poor child. I request the concerned authorities to visit every private educational institute and resolve the issues.


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