Four Karachi residents dead as fishing boat capsizes at Gadani


At least four have confirmed died Friday in a horrific boat capsizing incident in the Gadani sea while two more were rescued.

All six of them, heading out to the Gadani sea along the Balochistan coast for recreational fishing, belonged to Karachi, the rescue officials have confirmed. Their bodies have been shifted to the Rural Health Center Gadani.

On the other hand earlier past week, five people were killed in a head-on collision between two cars near Shah Noorani Shrine in the Makran district of Balochistan.

According to rescue sources, the accident occurred due to a head-on collision between two cars going to Shah Noorani Shrine located in Khuzdar from Karachi.Seven people were also injured as a result of the collision.

The injured were rushed to the hospital for emergency medical aid and some of them were said to be in critical condition.

The deceased included women and children.In a separate water-body calamity earlier this month, four young men drowned in the Indus River while swimming near Kohsar area of Hyderabad.

The dead bodies of four boys between 13 years of age to 19 years were retrieved from the river, police said.

The deceased were identified as Umair 13, Hamza 15, Owais 17 of age and 19 years old Mateen. Two of them Hamza and Umair were brothers, according to police.


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