Forum for Peace & Territorial Integrity urges steps to resolve all issues


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Forum for Peace & Territorial Integrity at a meeting in Jammu called for initiation of steps by India and Pakistan to resolve all outstanding issues.

The meeting was presided over by party President I.D Khajuria. The participants discussed present political scenario in the territory.

A statement issued after the party meeting hailed the steps initiated by neighboring nuclear countries India and Pakistan to maintain ceasefire on the Line of Control and resolve all pending issues through talks.

The statement stressed the need for more steps so that the people of both the countries live in an atmosphere of peace and prosperity.

The forum leaders appealed to masses to maintain unity and brotherhood. Those who were present in the meeting include Sheikh Abdul Rehman, J.A Kazmi Advocate, Ram Singh Chouhan, Shahib Sali, Bilal Khan, Ram Lal, Joginder Paul, Narinder Singh & others.—KMS

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