Foreign airline flight makes emergency landing at airport


Staff Reporter

A London-bound flight of British Airways have made an emergency landing at Islamabad International Airport after the health condition of a female passenger worsened during the flight on Thursday.
The British Airways flight took off from the Islamabad airport for London earlier but it was returned after the health of an Italian woman worsened. The woman has reportedly informed the flight attendants for having chest pain. The crew members immediately apprised the captain regarding the situation which led the pilot to contact the control tower for landing at Islamabad airport following the medical emergency.
After getting permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the aircraft landed at the airport and the foreigner was shifted to the hospital in an ambulance.
Earlier in November last year, a Delhi-bound Indian plane had made an emergency landing at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi owing to a medical emergency with a passenger on board.
The passenger plane-GOW-6658- was travelling from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to New Delhi in India when it made an emergency landing at the Karachi airport after the health condition of a traveller, Mohammad Naushad, deteriorated.

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