For peace in Balochistan



Ever since assuming the office of Army Chief, Gen Asim Munir is visiting important places, which indicate his priorities especially vis-à-vis the country’s peace and security.

During a visit to Quetta and Turbat, the Army Chief vowed that every effort would be made for security and safety of the people of Balochistan ensuring peaceful environment for socio-economic development.

Given its geo-strategic and geo-economic importance, Pakistan’s prosperous future is linked with Balochistan.

The province has a high concentration of natural resources including oil, coal, gold, copper and gas reserves as well as it provides a vital link to connect the country with Central Asian Republics (CARs) and a number of other countries in the Indian Ocean for trade and economic activities.

Because of our own weaknesses and mistakes, we have yet not been able to fully exploit this potential.

The launch of CPEC has provided an opportunity to move in that direction but still a lot more needs to be done to bring into use the province’s immense treasures in the form of natural resources.

The statement of the Army Chief will definitely send a positive message to people of Balochistan and give them sense of security as terrorists off and on keep striking in the province.

We have no doubt in saying that hostile elements are still operating in the province and they need to be chased and apprehended at the earliest.

Sustainable peace will only come in the province by resolving long standing issues and grievances of Baloch people. On part of federal government, a serious effort needs to be made in this regard so that they could not be further exploited by elements working against the country’s national interests.

We will suggest that a Grand Dialogue involving Baloch leadership should be held where a roadmap should be worked out for its development envisaging clear time lines as well as dialogue with estranged elements.

This roadmap must show sincerity of purpose and commitment on part of government to address grievances of Baloch people.

Time has come to undo the negligence and mistakes of past and move forward with a spirit of unison to ensure a bright future for every region of Pakistan.