Floods in Logar destroy 37 schools, Madrasas: Officials



The buildings of 25 schools and 12 religious institutions (Madrasas) in the province of Logar have been completely or partially destroyed as a result of recent flooding in the province’s center and some of its districts, according to officials of Logar’s department of education.

They say that around 12,000 students have been prevented from attending school as a result of the destruction of these schools.

“25 schools have been damaged by the floods, some of which have been destroyed and cannot be used,” said Mawlawi Janat Gul Aziz, the director of the education department of Logar.

The provincial department of education’s director asked the national and international aid agencies to help the department in reconstructing the province’s school buildings.

“We talked to the leadership of the ministry about this issue, and they promised that, God willing, they will help us in this case,” said Mawlawi Janat Gul Aziz.

Meanwhile, some schoolteachers and residents of Logar asked the Islamic Emirate to rebuild these schools, so that students can continue their schooling.

“This school has eight primary classrooms, and the flooding has ruined the children’s textbooks,” said Noor Agha, head of Hesarak school.

“When all the teachers came in but the students did not, the program was delayed for almost two weeks,” said Rouhullah, a schoolteacher.

“Not only has it damaged the educational system, but has also ruined other systems,” said Jamil Ahmad, a resident of Logar.

In addition to the deaths caused by the recent floods in the Khushi Logar district, the residents of this district have also suffered significant financial loss.

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