Nabizada Foundation distributes food to needy families in Balkh


Nabizada foundation Charity distributed food aid to two hundred poor families in Balkh province.

Ghulam Reza, a retiree, is responsible for a twelve-person family and it has been twelve years since he was retired and now suffers unemployment.

“I am grateful for Nabizada charity and ask other businessmen to help poor people,” said Ghulam Reza, a retired man.

Other needy displaced people from other provinces who came to Balkh also benefit from this assistance.

“I have five children, my one son collects bottles and sells them, we have lots of challenges, there is nothing in our home to eat,” said Zarghona, a woman in need in Balkh.

Meanwhile, the executive officer of this charity said they will continue to assist needy people in other provinces.

“We collected two hundred people from other provinces, recognized them, and then helped them with food materials,” said Nazhand Rahimi, the executive officer of the charity.—Tolonews

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